San Jose Peace & Justice Center

The artist known as Bulbul (Genny Guracar) has created a number of beautiful quilts featuring women victims of war. If you know of a location where the quilts can be exhibited, contact the Peace & Justice Center (408-297-2299) or email Quilt at

  • "Drone-y-Fried Brain Burn" portrays a woman who has been traumatized by the constant presence of drones over her village. It is 37 inches wide 48 inches high
  • "Refugee" shows a woman who has fled her home and community because of war, political repression, poverty, death squads or drone strikes. It is 38 inches wide by 45 inches high.
  • "Collateral Damage" portrays a woman and child whose village has been bombed or hit by a missile. It measures 25 inches by 37 inches.
  • "Aishe Serves Tea" is a portrait of a woman from Yemen, where drones are used against the population. It measures 40 inches by 42 inches.

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