San Jose Peace & Justice Center
On Woody Guthrie's birthday
and the 125th Anniversary of the Homestead Strike, join labor musician Jimmy Kelly in a sing-along of "This Land is Your Land" and a showing of the documentary THE RIVER RAN RED: the Homestead Riot

Woody Guthrie’s songs of social justice and worker rights have been the bedrock of American Protest Music. The Homestead Strike was a pivotal point in US labor history. Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in the world, cuts union workers salaries 25% then goes golfing in Scotland. His henchman Henry Clay Frick hires 300 armed Pinkerton strike breakers who were captured by a militant uprising. It was ended by when martial law is declared by US Army troops.

Sponsored by the LaborFest, Reel Work, and the San Jose Peace and Justice Center  

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