San Jose Peace & Justice Center
Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC) was started in October 2016. AKSC’s aim is to challenge caste, class, race, gender and religious oppressions and oppressors on ideological, political and social fronts.
Their aim and strategy is to Educate, Organize and Agitate. They are educating through reading and debates. They are organizing and participating in hall meetings, and are protesting through peaceful demonstrations to educate and sensitize the public on class, race, caste, gender and religious oppressions taking place in India and across the globe. 

AKSC believes that struggle and liberation of one oppressed group is inextricably coupled with struggle and liberation of all oppressed groups. Class struggle is inextricably coupled with fight against caste and race oppressions and they are linked with gender and religious discrimination et al. Only by uniting these forces together and by launching the united struggles against all the oppressions each oppressed group can be liberated. AKSC stand for such united struggle and its activities are oriented toward such united struggle.

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