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By Bryan, SJPJC intern

On Monday the 26th of February, Congress denied Trump's request to immediately review the lower court's decision that allows DACA to continue protecting over 600,000 recipients and blocks the president's administration's attempts to end the program on March 5th, as planned. Although the nationwide injunctions relieve some of the urgency for Dreamers, since March 5th is no longer the deadline for DACA renewals, DACA recipients with expired permits are still at risk while they wait for their renewals to be granted.

As it stands, the adjudication of DACA will be in the hands of the appellate courts. It is expected that the courts will not make a decision until June, at the earliest, and from there it is likely that the Supreme Court will take on the case. Until then, because the Supreme Court denied bypassing the appellate courts, DACA will continue to be a topic of controversy in Congress.


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