The Dance of Peace Takes Off

 Founded in 2008, the Dance of Peace has evolved from a solo street dance into a class, a column, video recordings, team stage performances, and organizational support from the San José Peace and Justice Center and Silicon Valley De-Bug.  It is becoming a new sensation in social justice and peace in Northern California.

Peace dancers Khalilah Ramirez and Sharat Lin have been taking the Dance of Peace to new levels at many events and venues.  Their performances in the streets, farmers' markets, at protest rallies, at organized celebrations and art exhibits, and on stage have been bringing peace and into every heart, and engaging audiences in social justice while informing people about the San José Peace and Justice Center.  Dancing together, the duo expand the reach and magic of the Dance of Peace - frequently drawing in members of the audience, passersby, and especially young children to join in vibrant joyous dancing.  Increasingly, they are taking the Dance of Peace to places beyond the Bay Area, starting with Oregon, Fresno, and New Orleans.

When asked, "What is a peace dancer?" by new people or students, Khalilah insists that a peace dancer is anyone who is willing to focus their attention on the energy of peace and share it with others. It is in this sharing that we all learn to practice peace.

When people ask about why he became a peace dancer, Sharat recalls, "I found dance to be liberating both physically and mentally because as an artform it gives me a platform to move, act, dress, be creative, and engage people in ways that I could not otherwise do. And this is very helpful in reaching out on social justice."

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