Prospects for Peace with North Korea

Photo by Sharat LinView recent talks and interviews by Sharat G. Lin on the real North Korea and the prospects for peace.

As a member of the "Axis of Evil", North Korea is perhaps the single most demonized country on Earth in many Western eyes. After the escalation in the war of words over a potential nuclear confrontation between the governments of North Korea and the United States in 2017, there has been a dramatic U-turn in events beginning at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and now hopefully moving through a series of summit meetings aimed at peace, reconciliation, economic cooperation, denuclearization, and perhaps eventual reunification of Korea. Dr. Sharat G. Lin, who visited North Korea in 2015, explains how and why this is happening and the actual prospects for peace. He also seeks to demystify North Korea by providing an eyewitness account of nation that is vastly different from the one depicted in mainstream media and by the U.S. government.
A talk delivered at the San José Peace and Justice Center
San José, 16 February 2018
Lecture before the Humanist Community of Silicon Valley
San José, 11 March 2018
Pink Elephants podcast, 13 April 2018, interviewed by Randle Aubrey