San Jose Peace & Justice Center

As TAX DAY approaches there is new data that can be used in the ongoing campaign to end US military aid to Israel. A new web site shows that San Jose's share of the $30 billion 10 year aid package signed by Obama in 2009  is $212,164,226.

This money could have been spent instead to:

  • Provide 2,576 households per year w/affordable housing grants OR
  • Provide 3,522 job seekers per year w/green jobs training OR
  • Provide 6,273 children per year w/early reading education OR
  • Provide 171,821 people per year w/primary health care.

Actions you can take:

Tell your Members of Congress to spend your tax dollars wisely by clicking here.

Write a letter to the editor of the Mercury News, using the figures provided above to state your opposition to this giveaway of our tax dollars.


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