San Jose Peace & Justice Center


Activists will rally on Sunday, July 5, 2009 in support of Health Care, Yes, Insurance Companies, No!

Stevens Creek & Winchester Blvds
12 noon to 2 p.m.

Bring signs in support of Single-Payer! Save $400 billion a year! Universal Single-Payer Health Care for All!



Participating organizations: Santa Clara County Single Payer Healthcare Coalition, Raging Grannies Action League, South Bay Mobilization, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, One Voice!, Californians for Justice, San Jose Labor Party, San Jose WILPF(Womens International League for Peace and Freedom), San Jose Peace Center

A statement from the Santa Clara County Single Payer Healthcare Coalition declares:

Insurance companies have declared war on reform and are doing everything in their power to strangle health care reform in the cradle. Angry “tea bag” protesters are now joining forces with the insurance companies to try to squash reform, and have said that they too may show up at Stevens Creek and Winchester on Sunday afternoon.

“Tea party” protesters across America say they oppose health care reform because it would be expensive and bureaucratic. IT IS THE SYSTEM WE HAVE NOW THAT IS EXPENSIVE AND BUREAUCRATIC.

Single payer health care would cost LESS, not more than the current system. It would save Americans an estimated $400 billion a year. If “tea bag” protesters really want to save Americans money, they would break with the insurance companies and join us in advocating an economical single payer system.

The health care status quo is killing 18,000 uninsured Americans a year, whilc medical bankrutcies and costs for everyone are skyrocketing. More and more every day, America's choice is between single payer health care and no health care at all.


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