San Jose Peace & Justice Center

Following the November 26 elections in Honduras, hundred of thousands of people have flooded into the streets to protest what many are calling an electoral coup d’état against opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla. Protesters accuse the electoral commission of rigging the vote in favor of incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernández, who is a close U.S. ally. 

San Jose resident and Honduran human rights activist, Zenaida Velasquez, interviewed on Democracy Now, said that on the weekend over half a million people were in the streets facing very high levels of militarization with security forces using live ammunition, killing at least 3 people and wounding hundreds more.

The Peace & Justice Center along with close to 100 other U.S groups signed on to an open letter to the U.S. Congress and State Department calling for an end to US security aid to Honduras, including police and military aid, and support for Honduran security forces.

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