San Jose Peace & Justice Center
The Peace & Social Order Committee of San Jose Monthly Meeting  (Quakers) has concern for local justice and peace groups and for social justice Quaker groups. "War is not the answer." We welcome visitors to join us for worship, a time when we come together to deepen our spiritual lives. Location: 1051 Morse St., San Jose.

About Us

Our primary belief is that “there is that of God” in every person (also called the “Inner Light” and the “indwelling Christ spirit”). That belief leads us to work with the homeless and oppressed, on behalf of peace, justice, racial harmony, and to witness to the world about peace, justice, and the integrity of creation.

About Our Worship

We meet in unprogrammed worship, without the aid of a pastor. There is no leader, except the spirit of God. The entire time for worship can pass in “expectant waiting” without anyone speaking. Yet, there is a living silence that has great power. We sit quietly, centering our thoughts, praying, meditating, each in our own way active in an inner search for God’s guidance.

After about an hour, Meeting for Worship ends when an appointed Friend shakes hands and greets those nearby. This greeting passes among all present. Then it is time for “Afterwords,” when people can share thoughts or messages that came during Meeting but may not have been clearly Spirit-led. This is followed by announcements, which exemplify Friend’s concerns and activities, and then social fellowship, which usually includes light refreshments.

For those who prefer “unwritten rules” to be bluntly written:
• Please join us in worship, the activities that follow, and return again because each meeting is different and one experience with us may not be typical
• Arrive on time and sit anywhere you please (although the rocking chairs are usually left for those with back problems)
• No pre-planned message, no political complaints or “call to action,” no personal “rants” during worship; we want messages that come out of the worship and are gifts of the Spirit
• Speak only once, and then only if compelled by a spiritual force, but do not hold back if the “leading” truly comes
• Leave time after someone speaks; that message should be given time to be absorbed and bring everyone deeper into worship before sharing a message of your own
• Do not speak directly to another’s message --- don’t “agree” or “disagree” (However, a message may deepen worship and from that deeper spiritual state, a new message may emerge that relates to the previous)
• Listen beyond and behind the words, to the Spirit, the joy, or the pain that gave voice to the words

History of Our Meeting

San Jose Friends worship in the oldest Meetinghouse in California, built in 1885.
This Meeting plays an important part in Quaker history. Joel and Hannah Bean founded the San Jose Meeting, which was recognized by their home Meeting in Iowa in 1889, as the College Park Association of Friends. Historical currents combined with Joel and Hannah Bean’s character to make them the founders of the modern liberal branch of the Society of Friends, sometimes called "Beanite Quakerism."


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