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4848south7th, the TV show/video project of the Peace & Justice Center has produced eight shows so far this year, all of which can be viewed online. The latest production is Saving Social Security for Future Generations.

Why are politicians telling us the system is running out of funds for retirees? Young workers and retirees in San Jose look at the facts behind the hype.

The previous show is Agent Orange -- in which a U.S. veteran and two Vietnamese-Americans tell about the toxic legacy of the war and current efforts at remediation.

Another show Napalm Ladies tells the story of an action by four women in Alviso in 1966 that brought the U.S. use of napalm to the attention of the media and inspired a song by Pete Seeger.

San Jose Comcast subscribers can tune in to Channel 15 on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. You can also watch the shows online  and get more information about the issues covered in each show at


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