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zenaida & Pavel

June 12, 2011 at Mission City Coffee Roasting Co. in Santa Clara ... Zenaida Velasquez introduces Pavel Nunez of the band Cafe Guancasco, a favorite of the anti-coup resistance movement in Honduras. The concert raised money to help the band, which had been attacked by police forces during an anti-coup rally last year.

Other musicians participating in the evening, -- 

  • Tony Perez (trumpet) -- will be playing on June 24 with a group called Purple Hat at Amilia's Bistro, 3590 El Camino, Santa Clara
  • Rich Osborn (guitar) --often performs at the South Bay Folks open mic on Thursdays at Mission City Coffee Roasting Company on the Alameda in Santa Clara
  • Randy Mahrer (piano) -- his web site is here
Read an account of the evening on our blog.  

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