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 On Tuesday, August 30, the California Assembly voted 69-1, with 10 abstentions, to pass AB 2844, the anti-free speech bill.  Governor Brown can decide to sign or veto the bill at any time before the end of September. Without any action, the bill will automatically become law.

Contact the governor by Tel: 916-445-2841, Fax: 916-558-3160, and writing your comment directly on the comment link in his website at gov39mail/mail.php.   Fill out the comment form, click on continue, scroll down to AB 2844, click on the bill number, fill out the final comment form, and submit.  Let's use all means at our disposal to make our voices heard!

Click here to email Gov. Brown, and demand that he veto AB 2844.

Governor Brown shouldn’t just veto this bill -- he should be standing with us and the global, grassroots movement for Palestinian human rights. Boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) are a set of non-violent tactics in response to a call from Palestinian civil society to advance freedom, equality, and human rights for Palestinians. These time-honored and court-protected tactics were successful in helping end South African apartheid, following the tradition of the Montgomery bus boycott during the Civil Rights Movement and the UFW farmworkers boycott in California. Back when he was governor the first time around, Gov. Brown supported boycotts for peace and justice -- so what’s different now?

In short: anti-Palestinian groups, and the web of interests benefiting from Israel's industries of occupation.
They're panicking at the sight of our growing movement for peace and justice, with BDS at the heart of it, so they're doing all they can to shut us down. They're losing the battle on college campuses, in faith communities, and union halls -- so they're trying every legal maneuver in the book. Their latest tactic is trying to ram anti-BDS bills through state legislature -- even though the U.S. Supreme Court has long held that boycotts are a protected form of political speech.
We've got one last chance to stop this bill: getting as many emails as possible to Gov. Brown, and reminding him that boycotts are a time-honored form of political speech.


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