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A letter from SJPJC President Michelle Cordova:

Since the election, many things have changed for the immigrant community. Trump's victory has brought a lot of fear and uncertainty.

The best way to fight against what is coming is to promote the changes at a local and county level. So nonprofit organizations, unions and churches have come together to reinforce the existing coalitions that work in favor of immigrants, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, working people, women's human and social rights and people of color.

At our recent Board meeting we decided that the San Jose Peace and Justice Center will become a safe space for students and community members who may need one.

After many discussions, the coalitions decided that it is too risky to keep accepting applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. With the new president we cannot promise that the applicant information will be kept within the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and most likely the new application cases will be reviewed after Trump is in office.

The San Jose Peace and Justice Center and the SJSU Human Right Program project are focusing on screening for visas for victims of violence, DACA renewals, encouraging citizenship for those who qualify, promoting immigrant and labor rights and fraud protection. We will continue training students and interns from SJSU in the program to spread it throughout the community while we promote research with the interns in order to understand better the causes and possible solutions for immigration.

Once a week we go to the Mexican Consulate to provide our services and work at the Women's Booth, to empower women and provide them with a safe space and resources to help them with domestic violence, education, health and any other need that they may encounter. The Peace and Justice Center is committed to the community and invites our members to raise their voice against injustice and the atmosphere of hate. Help us to keep working in favor of those in need, the unprotected, the target of Trump's followers and please donate, volunteer and spread the word about our services.  

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