San Jose Peace & Justice Center
Economic Justice -- The Edge -- is a gathering of grassroots economic justice activists in the San Jose Area. Our purpose is to engage the community in a strategic political discussion and education to advance the fight for basic human rights, such as housing, health care, immigration reform, and education. To secure these rights, we strive to build the broadest possible independent political unity of poor and working people.

We have the Economic Justice Film Series held at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center on the 4th Friday of the month.  We also are taking advantage of the opportunity to develop programs for Cable Channel 15 with the San Jose Peace and Justice Center through 48south7th.  We also cosponsor occasional forums and rallies.

We are keeping the vision that the Labor Party had as it best expresses our aspirations.


We are the working people of the United States.

We are the employed and the unemployed, the native-born and the immigrant.
We are the keepers of the American Dream of equality, opportunity, and fairness.

We do the work of building and sustaining the nation, but we do not enjoy our fair share of the wealth we create.

We make the country run, but we have little say in running the country.

We believe in a country that affirms the dignity of work, the value of community, and the importance of working people and their families to the prosperity of the nation.

We believe in a country where a job is a constitutional right, everyone must be paid a living wage, and no one can be fired unjustly.

We believe in a country where the right to organize a union, to speak freely and to be treated fairly at work is the law of the land and protected by the courts.

We believe in a country where the needs of our families do not have to be neglected because of the demands of our jobs.

We believe in a country where the opinions of others are tolerated, bigotry and discrimination are rejected, and everyone enjoys equal opportunity and the equal protection of the laws without prejudice.

We believe in a country where the hungry are fed, the sick are treated, the homeless are housed, and those who want to learn are educated.

We believe in a country that honors and respects the human rights of workers in all other lands, as well as our own. We believe in a country where taxes are fair.

We believe in a country governed by the people and for the people.


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