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April 2017

How to Debate 100 Hunters at Once…and Win!

When: Friday, April 14 2017 @ 07:00 PM - - 09:00PM
Where: Back Project
170 North Wolfe Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Description: Santa Clara County Activists for Animals presents MEET ANTHONY MARR!


Be a part of the Honeymoon of H.O.P.E. for the earth. After the wedding of Shannon Wright and Anthony Marr on April 2, the tour will make upwards of 100 speeches in 48 states on saving our children’s future, life on Earth and Earth itself. They will use this road tour to raise funds for saving the tiger species in a new way – to introduce drone technology into the tiger reserves of India for greater anti-poaching efficacy, more accurate surveys and to replace the use of elephants in tiger conservation. Please generously donate to help the tigers as well as the elephants, both on the brink or extinction. And please help make the Honeymoon for Earth the most meaningful and memorable honeymoon ever by joining us for this special evening.

In 1996, Anthony Marr, founder of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition, then a lead campaigner of the 28,000 paying-members strong Western Canada Wilderness Committee "WC-squared", waged a high profile referendum campaign towards banning bear hunting in British Columbia, which required a volunteer force of at least 2000 volunteers distributed evenly in the 75 electoral districts throughout the huge province (in size comparable to CA+OR+WA). He launched an 8-week, 50-stop road tour throughout which he debated large groups of harassing hunters up to 130 per time over 40 times. Long story short, he used the hunters to generate over 200 newspaper articles, was physically assaulted resulting in three fractured facial bones, and forced through a 3-year moratorium in Grizzly bear hunting in BC.

You are helping them spread his extensive knowledge on animal abuse, the planet, and a call to action for all.

Admission is free, donations are requested.

Free parking in front, on north side of building or in back on San Lazaro Ave. (Do not park on south side of the building.)

Sponsored by Santa Clara County Activists for Animals

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