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June 2017

The Democrats and the resistance to Trump

When: Sunday, June 18 2017 @ 06:30 PM - - 08:30PM
Where: San Josť Peace and Justice Center
48 South 7th Street
San Josť, CA 95008
Description: The Trump budget, health "care" bill, tax cuts for the rich, restrictions on abortion rights, stepped-up deportation efforts, and much more constitute a death sentence for many working-class Americans.

$54 Billion more for war, air strikes on Syria, and sending weapons to Saudi Arabia for its genocidal war on Yemen likewise constitute a death sentence for many people around the world.

The Democratic Party, even an ultra-hawk on the Wall Street payroll like Hillary Clinton, want you to believe they are the "Resistance". Is that believable? What is the role of the mass movement and of an independent working-class party like the Peace and Freedom Party in this struggle? And can the struggle against Trump and Trumpism be divorced from the struggle against capitalism and imperialism?

Join us for a discussion on these important issues.

This event is sponsored by Santa Clara County Peace & Freedom Party

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