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August 2017

Millions for Prisoners Human Rights

When: Saturday, August 19 2017 @ 10:30 AM - - 05:00PM
Where: Raymond Bernal Jr Park
7th & Mission
San Jose, CA

March with California Prison Focus and Rise Up for Justice. Join the new abolitionist movement for prisoners' human rights to protest private entities exploiting prison labor, racial disparities in America's prison population and sentencing and other abuses.

End money bail! End the death penalty! No Tasers in the Jail!

11 am: Gather at Raymond Bernal Jr. Park at 7th & Mission, San Jose
11:30 am March to County Jail on Hedding St
12:30 Rally at County Building, 70 W. Hedding

We DEMAND the 13th amendment ENSLAVEMENT CLAUSE of the United States Constitution be amended to abolish LEGALIZED slavery in America.

We DEMAND a Congressional hearing on the 13th Amendment ENSLAVEMENT CLAUSE being recognized as in violation of international law, the general principles of human rights and its direct links to:

  • For-profit exploitation of prison labor and the extortion of prisoners/families for needed goods and services
  • Incentivizing criminalization by a private prison industry
  • Reinforcement of systemic racial inequality and the militarization of police against our communities
  • Disproportionate murder of black and brown people by police and the normalization of state sponsored murder via the death penalty
  • Use of solitary confinement as punishment and torture
  • Voter disenfranchisement of up to 6 million people
  • Indefinite detention of entire families under arbitrary Immigration and Customs Enforcement quotas
  • A bail bond system that unjustly penalizes the poor and dispossessed
  • Producing 25% of the world's prison population with only 4.5% of its overall population

Join local organizations, learn more, and hear speakers from San Jose and surrounding communities, including:

Watani Stiner, Mariposa McCall, Sean Ramsey, Laurie Valdez, Ato Walker, with statements by Mianta McKnight, Joka Heshima Jinsai ...and more

(See event web page)

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