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May 2018

Forum: The June 5th Calif. Ballot Props - Pros/Cons/Supporters/Opponents/Money

When: Sunday, May 13 2018 @ 11:00 AM - - 12:15PM
Where: Humanist House
1180 Coleman Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110
Description: This Forum with be presented by the Social Action Committee, as listed below, along with short proposition summaries..

Proposition 68 - Issues $4 billion in bonds for parks, environmental protection, and water infrastructure (Cherie Long)

Proposition 69 - Requires certain tax and fee revenue related to transportation be used for transportation purposes (Helen Athey)

Proposition 70 - Requires a one-time two-thirds vote to use revenue from the cap and trade program for specific projects reducing global warming and air pollution (Jim Naylor)

Proposition 71 - Changes the date for when voter-approved ballot measures take effect (Bernice Onuoha)

Proposition 72 - Excludes rainwater capture systems from property tax assessments (Alex Havasy)

San Jose Evergreen Senior Housing Initiative and other local ballot measures (Kakoli Banerjee)

This event is sponsored by Humanist Community in Silicon Valley

(See event web page)

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