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May 2018

Political Revolution Reading Group

When: Monday, May 28 2018 @ 07:00 PM - - 09:00PM
Where: San Jose Peace and Justice Center
48 S Seventh St
San Jose, CA 95112

For our May 28 meeting, the Political Revolution Reading Group will complete The Doomsday Machine by Daniel Ellsberg (Part II, pp. 225 – 350).

In lieu of a simple discussion of the book, we will host a showing and discussion of the classic 1964 nuclear war film, “Dr. Strangelove”. The movie presents an uncannily accurate picture of the inherent, near-fatal dangers in the nuclear command and control apparatus, most of which still exist. It also coins the equally accurate term that makes up Ellsberg’s title, the doomsday machine. Join us for a 90-minute screening of the movie and a half hour discussion.

In April and May, the Political Revolution Reading Group will read and discuss Daniel Ellsberg’s The Doomsday Machine. This 2017 memoir recounts Ellsberg’s experiences as a nuclear war planner for the RAND Corporation in the 1950s and 60s. Ellsberg reveals that US military strategy is and always has been, not deterrence, but maintenance of a nuclear first strike and first use capacity, and that it has used this capacity as a political weapon repeatedly since 1945. The result has been a series of near-doomsday events that Ellsberg describes, and in many of which he was personally involved, up to, including, and after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This event is sponsored by EDGE, SJPJC, Green Party of SCC

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