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July 2018

Political Revolution Reading Group

When: Monday, July 23 2018 @ 07:00 PM - - 09:00PM
Where: SJPJC
48 S Seventh St
San Jose, CA 95112

The Political Revolution Reading Group will be reading The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein for discussion at its July 23 meeting. The Color of Law was published in 2017 and is an indispensable primer on the history of housing segregation in America in the twentieth century. It points out that American housing segregation, north and south, was not at all accidental or “de facto” as its apologists claim, but rather the result of calculated government policy at every level.

Housing or social justice activists cannot proceed today without understanding the errors – and crimes – of the past. Segregation was deliberately designed to block the development of unified housing (and other) movements. Housing justice campaigns today cannot secure low-income housing or renters rights without addressing the legacy and impact of historic racial discrimination in our communities.

The Color of Law is 251 pages.

The Political Revolution Reading Group has been meeting approximately monthly at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center since 2011, usually on the fourth Monday of the month. It reads and discusses mainly recent books on the burning issues facing the political revolution. It took on the name Political Revolution Reading Group after Bernie popularized the term in 2016. Readings are selected by the group based on recommendations from those who participate. Please bring your suggestions, and join us!

This event is sponsored by EDGE, SJPJC, Green Party of SCC

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