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August 2018

Protest Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination/Confirmation

When: Sunday, August 26 2018 @ 11:30 AM - - 12:30PM
Where: The Peace Corner at
Stevens Creek & Winchester Blvds.
Santa Clara, CA 95117

Peace Corner is at the corner of Stevens Creek Blvd & Winchester Blvd.

NATIONWIDE PROTEST! Oppose Brett Kavanuagh Nomination/Confirmation to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justices are nominated and confirmed for a lifetime appointment. It is possible for a Supreme Court Justice to sit on the bench for decades! As Trump sits in the White House, a politically polarizing confirmation could set American Justice back for decades.

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh by Trump, is an insult to the agonizingly slow progress of Justice that has been accomplished over the last 242 years! The Democratic party has the numbers to block this nomination, but do they have the will. It is frightful to think there is a real possibility that the Democrats could be responsible for ANOTHER conservative confirmation. Lets show our community that there is real opposition to Brett Kavanaugh's nomination and confirmation!
- Limited signs provided
- or bring your own personal message
- This is a Peaceful street protest
- Please obey all traffic laws
- Allow pedestrians to move freely on the sidewalk

This event is sponsored by David Ledesma

(See event web page)

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