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November 2018

Yoga For Peace Fundraiser

When: Sunday, November 11 2018 @ 04:00 PM - - 05:15PM
Where: San Jose Peace & Justice Center
48 South 7th St
San Jose, CA

Please register in advance - a sliding scale donation of $30+ is appreciated.

Join us for a yoga, meditation, and sound healing workshop to benefit the organization, Friends of Roots: A unique collaboration of local Palestinians and Israelis building a grassroots model for coexistence.

To Register:

+ This workshop will be followed by a talk and conversation with the founders of Roots starting at 5:30pm-7:30pm and is available for everyone regardless of yoga workshop!

About the organization:

Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank/Palestinian Territories/Judea and Samaria often live in geographical proximity – yet in separate universes. By and large they have no real human contact. They know next to nothing about the other and view each other with suspicion and fear.

In the Gush Etzion-Bethlehem-Hebron area, Roots is changing that reality.

Our mission is to nurture understanding, non-violence and personal transformation.

Our vision is a new social and political reality founded upon dignity, trust, and mutual recognition and respect for both peoples’ particular historic belonging to the entire Land.

Shadi Abu Awwad, the Roots Palestinian youth director, and Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, one of the founders of Roots, will share their personal, interconnected stories and present the groundbreaking and challenging grassroots work of our initiative. They do not come with blueprinted peace plans in hand, but with the deep conviction that human understanding and trust are the prerequisites for lasting justice, freedom, and peace in the land we both call home.

+Please bring your own mat. A few extra mats will be available at the workshop.

+ Sliding Scale donation from $30 +

+100% of proceeds are donated to Friends of Roots

+All are welcome!

To Register:

This event is sponsored by Friends Of Roots

(See event web page)

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