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Zoe: Just Say No to the War Machine!

A delegation from the Peace & Justice Center and Code Pink Women for Peace met with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren on Monday June 18. We asked her to "divest from the war machine", to commit to not accept donations from weapons companies or the NRA.
We reminded her that Ending Gun Violence is one of her key issues and (in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King's granddaughter Yolanda Renee King), "enough is enough. This should be a gun-free world, period."

Tell Trump: Get Out of Afghanistan!

afghanSign the petition

Tonight, President Trump is likely to announce that his “new strategy” for Afghanistan entails sending thousands more US troops into harm’s way, in addition to the 8,400 US soldiers already there. Tell Trump: End US military intervention in Afghanistan.
US troops in Afghanistan are part of the problem, not the solution. Although the United States has invested $70 billion and 16 years in rebuilding the Afghan military, Afghan government forces control less than 60 percent of the nation’s territory. As long as US forces occupy Afghanistan, the Afghan government will always be dependent on outsiders to prop it up; opposition forces will always be fighting to rid the nation of foreign intervention; and the Afghan people will continue to suffer from the tragedy of decades of endless militarism.

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On Memorial Day, Consider the Costs of War

SCWPeace activists gathered on Saturday May 20 2017 at Stevens Creek and Winchester Blvds. for a Memorial to Honor Life and Peace. The day marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Joseph Ledesma Jr. in the Vietnam War. Joseph's brother David, a member of the Santa Clara County Green Party, organized the memorial to honor his brother and stand up to war and militarism.
  • At least 200,000 civilians have been killed as a result of the fighting at the hands of all parties to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  •     Over 5,000 U.S. troops have been killed in the "war on terror"
  •     The US federal price tag for the post-9/11 wars is about 4.8 trillion dollars
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Commemorate Armistice Day, November 11


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Say No to War Funding

soldiersHouse members will be voting on the FY2013 Defense Appropriations bill as early as next week (July 16). 

They need to hear from their constituents, urging them to:

Vote for amendments that eliminate funding for continued fighting in Afghanistan, the use of drones, and expensive and unnecessary weapons systems.

Vote against the FY 2013 Defense Appropriations bill,unless it includes the amendments suggested above and substantially lower Pentagon spending.

Insist on sufficient funding to meet urgent domestic needs - for jobs, education, health, nutrition, housing and human services.

At a time of severe recession, we cannot afford to squander another $608 billion on the notoriously wasteful (and never audited) Pentagon budget.

  • Call your member of Congress Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121.
  • Send an email or fax to their DC office.

  • Write a letter to the editor, alerting others in your district of the upcoming vote.

Thanks to US Labor Against War for this action alert.



Iraq War Veteran Camilo Mejia at Anti-War Rally on March 20 2011


Thank Our Reps for Their NO Vote



On Tuesday July 27, Congress voted to approve spending for combat operations -- another $33 billion of our tax dollars went to continue the senseless and deadly war and occupation in Afghanistan. 

Three of our South Bay representatives voted NO: Mike Honda, Zoe Lofgren, and Anna Eshoo.  We should call their offices to thank them for their NO vote and urge them to step up their opposition.  If Jerry McNerney is your representative -- he voted yes -- his office also needs to hear from you.

A recent (7/13) poll by CBS news found that most Americans -- 54 percent -- think the U.S. should set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Of Democrats polled, 73% want a timetable.

Our representatives should step up their opposition -- let them know their constitutents demand it!

Your Cost for Afghan War -- It's Going Up!


 The National Priorities Project -- a valuable resource for understanding the financial cost of the our government's wars -- calculates that since 2001, the cost per person of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is $3332. The war in Iraq cost each individual an average of $2434 and the war in Afghanistan, $897.

Join our US OUT OF AFGHANISTAN-PAKISTAN campaign to pressure our Congressional representatives to VOTE NO to Obama's request for an additional $33 billion to fund the war in Afghanistan.  Call the Peace & Justice Center at 408-297-2299 or send an email to sjpjc at to find out how you can participate.


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