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Ever since 2006, the May First marches for immigration reform have become a revived tradition in this country.  Although May 1 was chosen because immigrant communities remember the celebrations of International Workers' Day on this date in their countries of origin, May First is not new to the United States.  International Workers' Day on May 1 was, in fact, not only born in the United States, but born out of fear of police raids on immigrant workers.

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March 28, 2018...Code Pink Women for Peace held a lively protest in San Francisco's Financial District at the office of BlackRock, an investment firm with more than $5.6 billion invested in Lockheed Martin.

Their CEO recently said that he was going to start holding the companies they invest in accountable for being responsible corporate citizens so protestors held a large banner saying Lockheed Weapons Terrorize the World to remind him that Lockheed makes a killing off of killing. 

Khalilah Ramirez performed the Dance of Peace and protestors denouced BlackRock CEO by name: "Larry Fink, stop and think, your war investments sure do stink!" 


Andrew is the newest coordinator for the San Jose Peace and Justice Center (joining Michele Mashburn)! With a background in community organizing around police brutality, labor issues, and housing and houselessness, he's going to help the center with a variety of programming including social media and youth engagement. A current member of anti-gentrification group Serve the People San Jose, he is also assisting their effort to end the proposed Google San Jose development.

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joanOn December 22 last year, we lost our dear colleague and fellow Board member Joan Bazar.

Joan was an amazing and talented woman -- a forceful activist for peace and justice, a long-time leading member of Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF), former treasurer and current Board member of our Peace & Justice Center and very active with her late husband Dave Wald in Cuba support work

Her friend and fellow WILPF member Lois Fiedler said "I was very fortunate to be able to work in WILPF with Joan Bazar on many different projects and activities. She was a brilliant capable women whose distinctive influence in WILPF was felt throughout the organization over several decades, on the international, national, and local levels.

Joan's journalistic skills were oh so apparent in the WILPF international and national journals as well as many local projects, including the videos that she made for the SJPJC TV show 48South7th with Phil and Anne Pflager's assistance.

Joan inspired the rest of us to be better at whatever we were working on. She will be missed tremendously. Plans for a memorial service are pending.


elizabethThe peace and justice community has lost a great activist. On April 4, 2014), Elizabeth Zimmerman passed away as a result of an accident. Despite a body that progressively challenged her mobility, all who knew her admired her for bringing light to the world with her indomitable spirit, beaming smile and passion for peace.

Elizabeth worked locally for peace, serving on boards and/or committees for the Methodist Fellowship for Social Action, Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the ACLU, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Human Relations Commission of Santa Clara County, Holiday Peace Fair and San Jose Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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The San Jose Peace Center was founded in 1957 by individuals profoundly concerned about peace and justice issues, especially the growth of nuclear arsenals and atmospheric nuclear testing.

More than sixty years later, the Peace and Justice Center, along with our affiliated organizations, serves as a resource and action center for progressive activism, seeking to develop and nurture the growing community of people who work to create and participate in a just, peaceful, and non-violent society, one that ensures human rights for all people and ensures the continuation of, and respect for all life on earth.

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Keep Peace and Justice Affordable!!

Groups can now book the space for free by default, instead of paying upfront fees.

Of course, we hope that groups able to contribute will continue, and ask that groups that cannot make a group donation pass the hat at their meeting(s). 

We're removing barriers to access so that we can become an even better community resource for San Jose.   

In order to book the Peace and Justice Center for a community event:   

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An Intern's Time with the Immigration Relief Project'

By Devin, An SJSU Intern

As a Justice Studies major, I have been exposed to numerous topics regarding rights and legal issues. One area that I have recently had much exposure to was the issue of Immigration. I had the honor of interning for the Immigration Relief Project through the San Jose Peace and Justice Center during the Spring 2018 semester. In this program, I have worked alongside Michelle Cordova who has a passion for advocating on immigration issues and has extensive knowledge in immigration rights and laws. 

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Our New T-Shirts are Here


Our new t-shirts are available at the Center in various sizes and styles. Unfortunately the shirts were manufactured in Honduras and other countries like Haiti and Bangladesh where sweatshops flourish and workers are subject to massive exploitation.  

We have pledged to look for alternative sources for t-shirts in the future.  We have also agreed to make a substantial donation to the Collective of Women of Honduras (COMUDEH), an organization that organizes the women workers in the sweatshops.


60th Anniversary Celebration



Join us on International Day of Peace -- Thursday, September 21 -- to help us celebrate our 60th anniversary. We will have an Open House from 5 to 8 PM at our office at 48 South 7th Street. Come by for dance, music, socializing, and refreshments. Free and open to the public.


Best of Silicon Valley

In the March 29 2017 issue of the Metro newspaper, "Best of Silicon Valley", we were named:

Best Place to Plot the Resistance

San Jose Peace and Justice Center
Founded in 1957 by people concerned about the nuclear arms race, the San Jose Peace and Justice Center has become a hub for progressive organizing. It also hosts almost daily events, including workshops, film showings, book discussions, sign making and support groups.


Our Immigrant Rights Project


A letter from SJPJC President Michelle Cordova:

Since the election, many things have changed for the immigrant community. Trump's victory has brought a lot of fear and uncertainty.

The best way to fight against what is coming is to promote the changes at a local and county level. So nonprofit organizations, unions and churches have come together to reinforce the existing coalitions that work in favor of immigrants, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, working people, women's human and social rights and people of color.

At our recent Board meeting we decided that the San Jose Peace and Justice Center will become a safe space for students and community members who may need one.

After many discussions, the coalitions decided that it is too risky to keep accepting applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. With the new president we cannot promise that the applicant information will be kept within the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and most likely the new application cases will be reviewed after Trump is in office.

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2017 Our Sixtieth Year of Activism--We Need Your Support!


BoardLike you, we were stunned at the outcome of the presidential election. As a result of it we've been presented with very big challenges, which naturally bring opportunities and responsibilities.

 The need to protect the most vulnerable members of our community who are threatened with detention and deportation is a big concern. Our president Michelle Cordova has been representing us in a broad County-wide coalition, working with the Mexican Consulate and local agencies and non-profits on this issue. Interns from San Jose State come to our Center to participate in our Immigration Rights Project where they are trained to work with undocumented immigrants.

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Donate on SVGives Day



Visit our SVGives page and take a quick tour


We're Accessible!

liftThis fall, the Peace & Justice Center achieved our long-term goal of making the first floor of the Collins House accessible to people in wheelchairs. In 2011, we tore out the unsafe back steps and built a large porch with safe steps and handrails. Constructing a ramp would have required sacrificing multiple parking spaces, so a lift was the logical solution. We thank the Collins Foundation, owner of the Collins House and our fiscal sponsor, for all their work and financial support on this project.

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Protest Wage Theft at County Building

wage theft

Tuesday February 10 2015

Board of Supervisors Meeting at County Building

70 West Hedding St., San Jose 

The Board of Supervisors will be voting on anti-wage theft language to be included in contracts of successful bidders. In response to the Wage Theft's Coalition's advocacy, the Board of Supervisors enacted anti-wage theft language to be included in RPF:'s. We would like supporters to speak at the Board of Supervisors' meeting on Feb. 10. Wage theft hurts workers and their families. In 2012, the Labor Commission awarded $8.4 million to workers who were victims of wage theft, and workers were only able to collect $2.8 million. Wage theft is an epidemic that must be stopped. Legislation will help to deter wage theft and end the culture of noncompliance. Please support us.

85th Birthday Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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Historic Nelson Mandela Poster

mandelaby Sharat G. Lin, Friday Dec.. 27, 2013, San Jose

An historic poster honoring Nelson Mandela in the 23rd year of his incarceration by the Apartheid government of South Africa is now on display in the San José Peace and Justice Center.  The poster was printed in Hindi in 1985 by the solidarity organization Contemporary Third World in New Delhi, India.

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March Against Monsanto!

Saturday October 12th 11AM - 12PM

MLK Library, corner of San Fernando & 4th Sts., San Jose

Rally in front of the library to protect our food supply, support local farms, promote organic solutions and bring accountability to those responsible for corruption.



Film "The Vanishing City"

Friday September 27 @ 7PM

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

As cities become more interconnected, and less dependent on localized economic models, domestic issues of increased class inequality and sustainability have emerged as central components to city planning debates. These trends are perhaps best exemplified in the city of New York.

Told through the eyes of tenants, city planners, business owners, scholars, and politicians, The Vanishing City exposes the real politic behind the alarming disappearance of New York’s beloved neighborhoods, the truth about its finance-dominated economy, and the myth of “inevitable change.”

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Summer Fundraising Under Way!

coxcoxesOur summer fundraising appeal has a special focus. As noted in the latest issue of Peace Times, long-time Peace Center stalwart Bill Cox passed away on April 20. For those who wanted to honor Bill (and his late wife Alice), donations to the San Jose Peace and Justice Center were suggested at his memorial service.

We've received donations in honor of Bill  from the following members: Ronald and Caroline Williams, Curtis Jones and Lucille Boone, Elizabeth and Jim Zimmerman, Alice Davidson and Charlotte Casey.

Another donation was made in honor of Mrs. Marie Ellis.

To support our efforts for peace and justice, click the DONATE button on this page or mail a check to 48 South 7th St., San Jose 95112. You can indicate whether your donation is in memory of or to honor a friend or relative.


Summer 2013 Peace Times!

Check out our newest edition of SJPJC's Peace Times!

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Bill Cox, Lifelong Peace Activist

billBill Cox, who along with his late wife Alice was a mainstay of the Peace and Justice Center for many years, has died at age 87. Bill passed away on April 20 and his memorial service was held in Berkeley on June 1.

Please send your memories and photos of Bill to so that we can keep his memory alive via our publications and social media.


Our Newest Members

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Thank you to the parents and grandparents who made donations to the Peace & Justice Center in the name of these beautiful children. We will redouble our efforts to build a world in which they can grow to be peace-loving, healthy, and open-minded -- ready to join us in the struggle!


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