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Altar Honors Deceased Activists

Honoring deceased family and friends with a "Day of the Dead" altar is a Mexican custom that has taken hold in the general culture. This year we have one in the front hall of the Collins House. We invite our members to stop by to see it and to contribute your own tributes and photos of people who have been part of the long history of the peace and justice movement in the South Bay.

We are grateful to our community partner MAIZ/Cithuatl Tlatocan for helping with the sugar skulls and other objects that decorate the altar. Thanks also to the members of the Spanish for Activists class for contributing the traditional marigolds and other objects.


SJPJC Officers Interviewed on KPFA

kpfaBoard president Sharat Lin and treasurer Charlotte Casey were interviewed on KPFA's Morning Mix with Project Censored on Friday, July 15. Host Peter Philips is a founder of Project Censored, a non-profit, media criticism and investigative journalism project at Sonoma State University.

Listen to the interview here.


Online: "Art of Protest"

artThe "Art of Protest" collection of silk screen posters from the 1960s and 1970s archived at the Peace & Justice Center is now available in an online digital archive at the MLK Library

The collection consists of twenty-six digitized silk screen posters documenting campus social protest movements in California during the 1960s and 1970s. Mostly the work of students at the University of California campuses in Berkeley and Santa Cruz, the posters depict a wide range of opposition to the Vietnam war, the military draft, racism, state repression, and environmental pollution. 

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Collins House Cleanup

workdaySaturday, April 23 2011...Collins Foundation Board members Roz Dean, Serena Murray, James Murray, Louise Auerhahn, and Nick Delatorre take a break from their Earth Day Clean Up at the Collins House. They are standing next to the gate which has a beautiful new mural painted by Dino Romano.

Stop by the Peace & Justice Center (open 4 to 7pm on weekdays) to see the changes we are making!

Our wish list for the office includes:

  • A flat-screen monitor for the computer used by our volunteers
  • New blinds for the front windows
  • Comfortable folding chairs
  • A digital photo frame (12" or larger)
  • Avolunteer who can scan photos to put in a digital frame
  • A few nice indoor plants
If you can provide any of the above, call us at 408-297-2299.  

Global Work Day at Collins House on 10-10-10

350Thanks to all who came out to the 10-10-10 Global Workday at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center! Thanks to the initiative of the Collins Foundation and the support of nearly 2 dozen volunteers, Collins House is greener -- a new bicycle rack, new drought-tolerant plants, a new rain gutter, and a big clean-up of the yard.

The Global Work Day was organized by , an international campaign that's building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis-the solutions that science and justice demand. 


48south7th: watch on TV or watch online

4848south7th, the TV show/video project of the Peace & Justice Center has produced eight shows so far this year, all of which can be viewed online. The latest production is Saving Social Security for Future Generations.

Why are politicians telling us the system is running out of funds for retirees? Young workers and retirees in San Jose look at the facts behind the hype.

The previous show is Agent Orange -- in which a U.S. veteran and two Vietnamese-Americans tell about the toxic legacy of the war and current efforts at remediation.

Another show Napalm Ladies tells the story of an action by four women in Alviso in 1966 that brought the U.S. use of napalm to the attention of the media and inspired a song by Pete Seeger.

San Jose Comcast subscribers can tune in to Channel 15 on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. You can also watch the shows online  and get more information about the issues covered in each show at


Mainstreaming Peace & Justice

sharatby Sharat G. Lin, president of the Coordinating Council of the San Jose Peace & Justice Center

Since the beginning of 2010, several initiatives have been taken to "break out of the box" of our traditional peace and justice activism.

MLK Celebrations
We have joined in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday celebrations, spearheaded by the MLK Library and the African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA).  This was possible by recognizing that we must rediscover the true Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  To honor him for advocating "non-violence" is to vastly understate and misunderstand his true contribution to social justice and peace.  Our involvement in these activities has intruduced us another realm of local social justice activism in the African American community.

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SJPJC Award Honors Free Gaza Pioneers

by Sharat G. Lin, Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010


 The San Jose Peace and Justice Center awarded its Gertrude Welch Peace and Justice Award to pioneers of the Free Gaza Movement who sailed the first small boats to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. The award prompted the city of Milpitas to present commendations and Congressman Mike Honda to award Congressional recognition to the recipients.

“In recognition of the pioneering vision, courage, and perseverance in establishing the Free Gaza Movement and sailing the first boats to break the Siege of Gaza on the 23rd of August 2008,” reads this year’s Gertrude Welch Peace and Justice Award. The award was presented to three founders of the Free Gaza Movement, Greta Berlin, Paul Larudee, and Kathy Sheetz. in a public ceremony held in Saratoga, California on Saturday, January 30, 2010.

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Our Principles of Unity

1. We strive to promote cooperation and united action between rganizations working for progressive social change. Recognizing ifferences in political strategies and priorities between affiliated groups, SJPJC provides an arena for building unity within diversity.

2. We seek to contribute toward building a just and sustainable society in which the gross and obscene concentration of corporate power and personal wealth is overcome by the achievement of basic economic rights for all: secure jobs at living wages; decent, affordable housing and public transit; adequate food and clothing; niversal health care; quality education; a safe, clean environment; sustainable food production; and protection from economic insecurity caused by disability, old age, sickness, accident or unemployment. We  support workers' rights to organize, to collective bargaining, to strike without the threat of reprisals or replacement, to safe and healthy working conditions, and to a living wage, a pension and benefits.

3. We are committed to the principle of human equality and struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of oppression. We support full rights for immigrants and opposes the scapegoating and repression directed against immigrants, particularly immigrants of color.

4. We support struggles against militarism and the culture of violence that permeates our society. We oppose military intervention and interference abroad, economic coercion, colonialism and
neo-colonialism, and political interference in the sovereign affairs of other nations, including the indigenous Native nations within our own borders.

5. We encourage creative models of community organizing and action and promotes shared leadership and decision-making. We promote the sharing of resources including knowledge, skills and equipment. We are democratic, inclusive and respectful in our dealings with one another,
making room for constructive criticism and honest disagreement. We recognize that a prerequisite for participation in the decision-making process is the contribution of an individual's labor to the group.


Peace & Justice Award to Free Gaza Movement

Dedicated to the memory of citizen activist, Gertrude Welch, this award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to peace and justice locally and globally. The San Jose Peace and Justice Center is awarding the Gertrude Welch Peace and Justice Award to the pioneers of the Free Gaza Movement -- Greta Berlin, Paul Larudee and Kathy Sheetz.
The award ceremony will take place Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 5:30-6:30 pm, at the home of Barby and Vic Ulmer, who were among the original founders of the San Jose Peace Center over 52 years ago.  The address is 13004 Paseo Presada (corner of Paseo Lado), Saratoga.

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Collins Foundation

The Collins Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1985. Its purpose is to support the San Jose Peace & Justice Center by providing its non-profit status and by owning and maintaining the Collins House at 48 S. 7th St., where the Peace & Justice Center has its office. Read more...  

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