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Palestinian Mayor of Wadi Foquin Visits San Jose

Thursday November 20th @ 7PM

Wesley United Methodist Church, 566 N. 5th Street San Jose, CA 95112

On August 31, 2014 Israel issued land confiscation orders annexing 1000 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bethlehem district of the West Bank for expansion of settlement development. Directly impacted is the village of Wadi Foquin. Ahmad Sokar, Mayor of Wadi Foquin will share with us the resolve to retain the rights to their land and life in their historic homeland.


Film "Shadows of Liberty"

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Annual Holiday Peace Fair


Latin Film Night "Clandestine Childhood"

Argentina, 1979. After years of exile, Juan and his family come back to Argentina under fake identities. Juan's parents and his uncle Beto are members of the Montoneros Organization, which is fighting against the Military Junta that rules the country. Because of their political activities they are being tracked down relentlessly, and the threat of capture and even death is constant. This is a story about militancy, undercover life, and love. The story of a clandestine childhood. - Written by Film Movement

Suggested Donation $5-10


Author Taylor Hawke


Community Meeting on Police Militarization

Wednesday October 29th, 6-8 PM

African American Services Agency

304 N. 6th Street, San Jose




Karla Lara: Singing the Sweet Rebellion

Sunday October 19th @ 6:30 - 8PM

Caffe Frascati 315 S. First St. San Jose

Music and discussion on Honduras: 5 years after the Coup, the Popular Resistance Continues…The presentation of the Feminist organizer, Karla Lara, will provide an update on the current human rights crisis which has led to the recent exodus of thousands of children seeking refuge from the structural violence of extreme poverty and social disparities. She will also provide us with the healing powers of music as she performs with members of her band, Híbridos Jazz.

+ Performances by Shamako Noble of Hip Hop Congress and Freddy Lopez of Live in Peace


Film "Pay 2 Play"

Sunday October 19th @ 2 PM

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

PAY 2 PLAY follows filmmaker John Ennis’ quest to find a way out from under the Pay 2 Play System, where Politicians reward their donors with even larger sums from the public treasury. The film will be followed by a discussion. Suggested donation: $5-10. No one turned away for lack of funds.

This event is sponsored by Green party of Santa Clara County and Dream Menders 


Film Screening "Zapatista"

Thursday October 16th @ 7PM

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

Jan. 1 1994: The Day the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went in effect. A few minutes after midnight in Southeastern Mexico, several thousand Indian soldiers take over half the state of Chiapas, declaring a war against global corporate power and for humanity. They call themselves the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN). Zapatista is the definitive look at the uprising in Chiapas. it is the story of the Mayan peasant uprising, armed with sticks and their word against a first world military. It is the story of a global movement that has fought 175,000 federal troops to a standstill and transformed Mexican culture and international political cultural forever.

This event is sponsored by Accion Zapatista South Bay and Universidad de la Tierra Califas 


Introduction to the U.S. Social Forum & People’s Movement Assembly

Sunday October 5th @ 2PM

AACI - Room 210-2400 Moorpark Ave., San Jose

Shamako Noble, National Coordinator of the U.S. Social Forum

John de Graaf, Author of What’s the Economy For? & National Director of the Take Back Your Time Movement

“The Ecohumanist Alternative”:  A Bold Skit by Human Agenda 


Journalist Reese Erlich: First Hand Report on Assad, ISIS, Obama & U.S. Middle East Policy

Tuesday October 7th @ 7PM

St. Paul United Methodist Church-405 S. 10th St., San Jose

Reese Erlich is a Bay-area based journalist recently returned from the Kurdish Region of Iraq as a reporter for CBS Radio and GlobalPost in which he spent his time interviewing Yazidis, Kurdish peshmerga and analyzing the US bombing campaign in Iraq. Does the U.S. military attacks help or hurt the effort to stop ISIS?

His fifth book "Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect" is based on first-hand reporting from Syria and Washington, in which Erlich unravels the complex dynamics underlying the Syrian civil war. Through vivid, on-the-ground accounts and interviews with both rebel leaders and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Erlich gives the reader a better understanding of this momentous power struggle and why it matters.

Suggested Donation: $5-10

Copies of the book will be for sale and the author will be available to autograph


Rally Against the Drone! And Militarization of Police


Labor Movements in Viet Nam

Monday September 29th @ 7PM

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

One of the fastest growing places in the world, the Pacific Rim, is in danger of exploitation. Vietnam, as well as 10 other countries, have signed the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Leanna Noble and Hollis Stewart will discuss the Pacific Rim's vulnerability in the labor market in light of modern globalization.

Leanna Noble and Hollis Stewart are union activists and lecturers at Ton Duc Thang University in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City, the first university in Vietnam to offer a degree in labor relations.

Suggested Donation $5-10, no one turned away. 


Film "Who is Dayani Cristal?"

Friday September 26th @ 7PM

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

Who Is Dayani Cristal? tells the story of a migrant who found himself in the deadly stretch of desert known as “the corridor of death” and shows how one life becomes testimony to the tragic results of the U.S. war on immigration. As the real-life drama unfolds we see this John Doe, denied an identity at his point of death, become a living and breathing human being with an important life story.

Following a team of dedicated staff from the Pima County Morgue in Arizona, director Marc Silver seeks to answer the question and give this anonymous man an identity. As the forensic investigation unfolds, Mexican actor and activist Gael Garcia Bernal retraces this man’s steps along the migrant trail in Central America.


Development and Social Justice: Madhuresh Kumar

Sunday, September 21 2014 @ 3PM -5PM

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

Free & Open to the Public

Madhuresh Kumar is National Organizer, National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM). He is responsible for campaigns and policy advocacy around communities’ control over land, water, forest and minerals; issues of displacement, energy projects, special economic zones; resource mobilisation; and national organisational co-ordination of the Alliance. 

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Nor Cal People's Climate Rally

2PM- 5PM at Lake Merritt Ampitheater


As the United Nations prepares to debate how to reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gases that pose a dire threat to all humanity, the largest climate action group in the country,, headed by Bill McKibben, is preparing for a historic UN mobilization of environmental activists across the U.S. Hundreds of thousands are expected to converge in NYC and thousands more in many cities including Oakland on September 21 to press for immediate measures to halt and reverse this catastrophic threat to humanity.


Film "Miners Shot Down"

Thursday September 18th @ 7pm

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

In August 2012, mineworkers in one of South Africa's biggest platinum mines began a wildcat strike for better wages. Six days later, the police used live ammunition to brutally suppress the strike, killing 34 and injuring many more. Methodically and soberly, Miners Shot Down follows the strike from day one, chronicling the courageous but isolated fight waged by a group of low-paid workers against the combined forces of the mining company, Lonmin, the ANC government, and their allies in the National Union of Mineworkers. Miners Shot Down is undoubtedly one of the most important and damning documentaries to emerge in post-apartheid South Africa. 2014 85 minutes

Sharat G. Lin, who just returned from South Africa, will lead discussion.

Open to the public Suggested donation $5-10


South African VS Israeli Apartheid

Friday September 12th 7pm

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

Apart from enforcing separate and unequal standards and spaces for different peoples, how do South Africa and Israeli apartheid compare in terms of historical development, ideology, implementation and resistance?

Sharat G. Lin has been involved on the ground in Israel-Palestine since 1973, and just returned from South Africa. He is an originator of the Cairo Declaration.

Barby and Vic Ulmer have been connected to South Africa on the ground since 1974, and recently returned from Palestine.

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Sunday September 7th @ 7pm

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

In preparation for the People's Climate March in NYC and Oakland.

‘When it comes to climate change, why do we do so little when we know so much?’

Through a relentless investigation to find the answer, Disruption takes an unflinching look at the devastating consequences of our inaction.

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Rally for Rasmea Odeh

Monday September 8th @ 4:30-6:00 PM

Martin Luther King Library, San Jose

On October 22, the Department of Homeland Security arrested Rasmea in her home for alleged immigration fraud as part of an ongoing witch-hunt that targets Arabs and Muslims who criticize U.S. and Israeli policy and labels them “terrorists.” You can find more info about her case at and

For more info contact, 408-297-2299

Sponsored by South Bay Committee Against Political Repression, San Jose Peace & Justice Center and Justice for Palestinians 

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Latin Film Night "Sleep Dealer"

Friday September 5th @ 7PM

San Jose Peace and Justice Center

‘Sleep Dealer’ is a Sundance award-winning sci-fi thriller packed with stunning visuals and strong social and political themes.

Memo Cruz (Luis Fernando Peña) is a young man in near-future Mexico. When his family is victim of a misguided drone attack he finds himself with no option but to head north, towards the U.S./Mexico border. But migrant workers cannot cross this new world border – it's been sealed off. Instead, Memo ends up in a strange digital factory in Mexico where he connects his body to a robot in America.

Presentation by Michelle Cordova on border crossings and migration. She is the President of SJPJC and writer for La Oferta Newspaper

Suggested Donation $5-10.

Sponsored by San Jose Peace & Justice Center 

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SF Mime Troups Presents "Ripple Effect"

Tuesday, August 26 2014 @ 6:30 PM

St. James Park
2nd St and St James St
San Jose


Skyrocketing rents. Loss of diversity. Google Glass wearing nouveau riche attacked in bars. The War on the Poor. What is The City coming to?

In "Ripple Effect", the San Francisco Mime Troupe looks behind the headlines with a nationally relevant story as the distribution of wealth and power continues to stream to a very few, leaving most of the rest of us struggling with less and less.

The Troupe has been trying to find our way back to San Jose, but logistics and financial constraints have made it impossible until now. With the generous support of the City of San Jose, we will be able to perform our new hit show RIPPLE EFFECT for FREE right in the middle of the city. We're hoping this opportunity will help rebuild out South Bay audience base so we will be able to return annually.  

South Africa 20 Years Post Apartheid

Saturday August 23rd 6:30 PM - 9PM

our developing world

13004 Paseo Presada, Saratoga

Twenty years after the first election of a black majority government, neoliberalism continues to reproduce the apartheid legacy that makes South Africa the most economically unequal country in the world. Meanwhile, unprecedented strikes and new militance in the labor movement begin to challenge the Tripartite government.

Dr. Sharat G. Lin is a research fellow at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center. He writes on global political economy and labor migration. He just returned from a fact-finding trip to South Africa.

6:30 PM Potluck, 7 pm program.
Look for the lavender door

Info 408-379-4431 


Middle Eastern Film Night "Jenin Jenin"

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