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Reckoning with Torture Project

no tortureOn Sunday, July 15 2012 members of Veterans for Peace Chapter 101 and members of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center met to record video for the Reckoning with Torture project, a collaborative film project that uses documents about the US use of torture obtained by the ACLU to examine the human cost of torture.

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May Day March 2012

cfjClose to one thousand people of all ages and nationalities and walks of life marched from King & Story Roads to San Jose City Hall to commemorate May Day, International Workers Day. The photo shows the Californians for Justice contingent of high school students marching with their banner.

Calpulli Tonalehqueh Aztec Dancers welcomed the marchers to City Hall, followed by a people's assembly organized by the South Bay Unity Group.


Nonviolent Direct Action at Lockheed Martin

Sunnyvale, CA, April 6, 2012...Members of the Pacific Life Community engage in civil disobedience by blocking traffic at the Lockheed Martin facility in Sunnyvale. Five people were arrested and detained at the Sunnyvale Police Department. After processing, they were released and told to appear on May 18, which may be changed at the court's discretion.

The letter that they handed to Lockheed representatives said in part, "We hold "Crime Scene" tape as a symbol, recognizing a growing resistance in this country to the manufacture and deployment of a nuclear weapon system, the Trident D5, which is among the world's most horrifying means of mass destruction. Its cost, with other weapons in our corporate-Pentagon alliance, sucks the life out of an economy that is failing the citizens of this country. For its producers and for all who are tacitly complicit, we pray for both forgiveness and conversion."


SAHE Receives Welch Award

By Sharat G. Lin, posted on IndyBay on March 22, 2012...Student Advocates for Higher Education (SAHE) was honored in March for the service, activism, tenacity, and courage of its student members.

The San José Peace and Justice Center presented its 2012 Gertrude Welch Peace and Justice Award to Student Advocates for Higher Education (SAHE) at an award ceremony at San José State University on March 12, 2012. Congressional Representatives Zoe Lofgren and Mike Honda joined in giving the award, and presented their own Congressional Commendations to SAHE.

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Afghans for Peace Rally

Fremont, CA, March 30, 2012...Rallying in front of the Military Recruiting Center in Fremont, Afghans for Peace and other protesters demanded an immediate end to the US occupation of Afghanistan. They succeeded in shutting down the recruiting center and then took to the streets.  With banners, signs, bullhorns and chants of "Justice For Afghanistan, Justice for Trayvon" marchers blocked traffic on major Fremont streets for 15 minutes before the Fremont police arrived to push marchers onto the sidewalks.

2012 International Women's Day March

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Scenes from March 3  March and Rally for International Women's Day


Fired Hyatt Workers Speak Out on IWD

March 8, 2012. Santa Clara CA..Martha Reyes, who along with her sister Lorena, was fired by Santa Clara Hyatt hotel, speaks out at a rally in front of the hotel on International Women's Day, March 8 2012. Over 200 workers and supporters picketed the hotel to demand that Martha and Lorena be rehired and that the Hyatt treat its workers with respect.  Their story is here -- sign the petition!

On Air: Mexico's Drug War

cartelsThis month's production from the 48South7th team, Inside Mexico's Drug War, Parts I and II,  is available online and on TV. Comcast Channel 15 in San Jose and Campbell broadcasts 48South7th every Tuesday at 8pm. 

Mexican journalist Diego Osorno reveals the war on narcotraficking as a ploy to consolidate the power of President Felipe Calderon -- a war that has escalated killings and crime without diminishing the availability of illegal drugs. Ted Lewis of Global Exchange comments on U.S. policies and Investigative journalist John Gibler takes us inside the drug war in Mexico.


Evolution of the Egyptian Revolution

By Sharat G. Lin
Reporting from Cairo, 30 January 2012

A year ago, a million Egyptian people swarmed into Tahrir Square to demand that then President Hosni Mubarak leave immediately. But a majority also placed their trust in the Army, which vowed not to fire on protesters.

On the first anniversary of the beginning of that popular uprising, 25th January 2012 witnessed massive gatherings across the country that were a mixture of celebration of national pride and protest against the deaths of revolutionary martyrs. The crowds in Tahrir Square were entirely peaceful. No police or soldiers were in sight. They dared not show their faces in Tahrir Square, and they were not needed.

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Move to Amend Rally

A spirited crowd of over 300 people turned out on Friday January 20, 2012 to rally against corporate personhood and build the Move to Amend movement.

Occupy SJ Marches Against Corporate Personhood

The January 8th march to protest corporate personhood organized by Occupy SJ

Hi to 2012

photo of Cristy in her tent courtesy of Occupy San Jose

Occupy San Jose Newspaper

Read The San Jose Occupier, the newspaper of Occupy San Jose:

Issue #1 Oct. 23, 2011

Issue #2, Oct. 30, 2011

Issue #3, Nov. 06, 2011

Issue #4, Nov. 13, 2011

Issue #5, Nov 20, 2011

Issue #6, Nov 27, 2011

Issue #7, Dec 4, 2011

Issue #8, Dec 11, 2011

Issue #9, Dec 18, 2011


RIP: Bill of Rights

RIPFriday, December 16, 2011...In a dramatic protest against the Senate passage of the National Defense Authorization Act with a provision allowing the military to indefinitely detain American citizens on U.S. soil without charges, Occupy San Jose held a solemn candlelight funeral procession to mark the effective death of the Bill of Rights.

The march proceeded from City Hall to the Issei Memorial Building near 5th and Jackson, site of a memorial to the internment (indefinite detention) of Japanese and Japanese-American citizens during World War II. Protesters spoke movingly of their determination to defend our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.


County Challenges ICE Policy


The Santa Clara Coalition Against S-Comm won a significant victory in October when the County Board of Supervisors voted on a new set of guidelines for immigration detention, effectively ending the County's collaboration with Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

The county receives "hold" or "detainer" requests from ICE for individuals who have served their time but whom ICE wants to pick up for deportation.  The new policy states that the County will honor such requests only if "there is a written agreement with the federal government by which all costs incurred by the County in complying with the ICE detainer will be reimbursed."  This action puts Santa Clara County in the forefront of communities around the country who are fighting the federal government's "Secure Communities" (S-Comm) policy.

The Coalition is a cross-ethnic coalition of civil rights organizations and immigrant service agencies. Participating organizations include: Service for Immigrants Rights and Education Network (SIREN), Sacred Heart Community Services, Silicon Valley De-Bug, Asian Law Alliance, San Jose Peace & Justice Center and others. Debug has created a web site with more information and complete documentation

Occupy San Jose: Mountain Top Time

A hopeful and inspiring speech by Victor Conyers, a member of Occupy San Jose.


Occupy San Jose: Life in a Big Tent

Nov. 23, Pablo Ghenis, Occupy San Jose

The Occupy movement arrived in San Jose as it spread like wildfire from Wall Street to the entire world. It was a confusing proposition, a leaderless movement, with clear complaints but taking its time to articulate specific demands, a non-partisan big tent of ideas meant to accommodate the 99% that got cheated by a lot of the top 1%.

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Hyatt Must Reinstate Housekeepers!

Two housekeepers at the Hyatt Santa Clara have been fired after they objected to humiliating photos of themselves posted on the management bulletin board at the hotel. The photos showed the faces of Martha Reyes and her sister Lorena pasted over bikini-clad models. Together, the women have over 30 years of service at the Hyatt.

The sisters, along with the Hotel Workers Rising campaign are demanding reinstatement of their jobs and compensation for the months that they have been out of work. Sign the petition to Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian here


National Conference of CAPR

Peace & Justice Center Coordinator Shelby Minister attended the National Conference of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression held in Chicago on November 5, attended by about 150 people from all over the country. Her report follows below:

The first main speaker was Carlos Montes (right), a Chicano leader in the anti-war and immigrant rights movement from East Los Angeles.  Carlos was raided a few months back and arrested by the L.A. Sherriff's Dept., and is currently awaiting trial. He is being targeted for his anti-war and solidarity work, particularly in regards to his work with Freedom Road Socialist Organization and for helping to organize the protest at the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota. 

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Armistice Day 2011


Veterans for Peace Chapter 101 commemorated Armistice Day on Friday, November 11 by ringing a bell at the site of Occupy San Jose. November 11 was declared "Armistice Day" in 1918 to mark the end of World War I. The name was changed to "Veterans Day" after World War II.

See our blog for an essay by Charley Trujillo (writer, filmmaker, and Vietnam War veteran) on Mexican-Chicano Veterans and Veterans Day.


SJ Code Pink Supports OccupySJ

code pinkMembers of San Jose Code Pink joined Occupy San Jose on October 18 to show support for the occupation movement and highlight the demand to Bring Our War Dollars Home.

Other community partners of the Peace & Justice Center are encouraged to bring contingents of supporters to the local occupation alongside San Jose City Hall.


Labor Day Rally at Hyatt


by Sharat G. Lin
Wednesday Sep 7th, 2011 (published in

Hotel service workers of the union Unite Here! Local 19 marked Labor Day by picketed the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, which has been the target of a boycott campaign launched by the union six months ago. Hyatt workers, who have been without a contract with the hotel, have been demanding recognition of the union through a card-check / neutrality agreement.

On Labor Day, September 5, 2011, some 200 hotel workers of the labor union Unite Here! Local 19 and their community supporters picketed the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara adjacent to the Santa Clara Convention Center in California . They passed out flyers to guests at the hotel, requesting them to "check out" and honor the ongoing boycott of the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.

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We cover the news!

The Peacenews & Justice Center is organizing a team of trained photo-journalists and videographers who can cover events of interest to our South Bay community. We need news articles for our web site as well as coverage of community events for our 48South7th TV show and video project.

For more information, contact president at or video at

Examples of stories we have covered:

Can We Help Restore Haiti?

SJPD Shuts Down 5 de Mayo

Iraq War Vets' Contagious Love Experiment

Women March in San Jose for International Women's Day

Drones & the US War in Pakistan- A report on a talk by Dr. Nosheen Ali at SJSU

San Jose Loses Two Heroes

Latino América pierde un icono

Cuba Friendship Caravan Visits San Jose

From San Jose to Gaza (via Cairo)

March in Cairo against Egyptian blockade

East Palo Alto Target of Predatory Equity Scheme

Holiday Peace Fair Raises Funds for Non-profits

Rally on 8th Anniversary of Afghan War & Occupation

Banner Drop at Fourth St. Garage


We provide analysis

analWe provide analysis of current events in our community as well as of the overall situation in our country and the world.

Following are some examples:

Dr. King Was Not Just a Dreamer


We provide access to publications

pubsWe provide access to papers and publications that have been authored by officers and members of the Peace & Justice Center.

These include:


Presentation on New Almaden Quicksilver Mines 

Poster Cards of the Carnation Revolution 1975 - 1980 



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